Recently a number of major collectors mostly in India have asked me to refute publicly a number of rumours circulating on social media and elsewhere about so called exploitation of coin buyers by what is called "dealers". My advice was that I had posted my thoughts on this matter on social media a number of times before. However they persisted and wanted it as an audio record. So I have produced a video discussing the matter. Firstly there is a difference between a dealer and a seller. It is really about time people realised that someone who sells through a social media app or on internet "auction" sites from time to time are NOT dealers. These people are merely itinerant hawkers of goods. I


Following a review of the first series of videos a further series will be completed over the coming weeks. Notes from our Indian viewers advising that I was difficult to understand (the accent is all Australian) have been reviewed but really there is nothing that can be done except that advisory notes will be posted for each video. Talks are generally unscripted except for guide notes so there will be differences but the overall theme and content should be the same for each.

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