Welcome New Members and Thank You Coin Zip

Firstly the team at Inumismatics welcomes new members who have joined recently. It is great to see more people joining officially not just visiting from time to time. Our visitor numbers have also have had a surge in recent weeks. The large American based coins site has published our last article that can be seen in our Tech Advices section (click menu tab) on hand struck coins and produced a YouTube video on it. We will be providing more videos based on some of our papers and narratives to assist in explaining the reality of coin issues in ancient


In recent times there have been major discussions on the necessity, or otherwise, of grading hand struck coins. Although we work essentially in the sub-continent it has been necessary to issue from Inumismatics a position paper on the subject for all hand struck coins. The ideas in the paper have been termed by some as radical. However for the sake of completeness it has been necessary to take a view that a coin that cannot be fully and clearly attributed cannot and should not hold the same price as a coin, in any condition, that can be FULLY attributed. For many hand struck coins the dies are bigger than the coin flan and therefore on many coins important attribution sections may be missing

Some New Additions Coming to the Website

In the next few weeks we have a some additions coming to our website. these will be be new sections: 1. Celebrating new coin types not listed in our books. Two pages, one for Jahandar Shah and one for Shah Alam I Bahadur. Maybe some new types have recently been discovered by astute collectors. These need to be celebrated by all and it just goes to show that new discoveries are possible. It is time to celebrate these new discoveries. Note: We have a series of manuscripts in preparation for a number of rulers. Now is the time to check your coins. If huge celebrations are held when some minute difference is found on a die of British India coins it is way overdue for celebrations to be held over

Position Paper on the Grading of Hand Struck Coins

For some time now we have been writing about and enquiring within various marketplaces the expectations on the grading (slabbing) of hand struck coins. The discussion has been, at times, contentious. There is a relative difference between the hand struck coins and machine struck coins. Hand struck coins often do not have the full inscriptions available on coins and as such can often not be fully attributed. With this in mind a summary has been made of previous written advices so that all may understand, clearly our position. Our clear position paper with accompanying video will be published this weekend.

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