December 27, 2019

Defending the idea that the Kushan empire was a major issuer of silver coins or coins of silver in the style of the Kushan empire were issued.

December 21, 2019

Firstly the team at Inumismatics welcomes new members who have joined recently. It is great to see more people joining officially not just visiting from time to time. Our visitor numbers have also have had a surge in recent weeks.

The large American based coins site www...

December 7, 2019

In recent times there have been major discussions on the necessity, or otherwise, of grading hand struck coins. Although we work essentially in the sub-continent it has been necessary to issue from Inumismatics a position paper on the subject for all hand struck coins.


December 7, 2019

In the next few weeks we have a some additions coming to our website. these will be be new sections:

1. Celebrating new coin types not listed in our books.

Two pages, one for Jahandar Shah and one for Shah Alam I Bahadur. Maybe some new types have recently been discovere...

December 3, 2019

For some time now we have been writing about and enquiring within various marketplaces the expectations on the grading (slabbing) of hand struck coins. The discussion has been, at times, contentious. There is a relative difference between the hand struck coins and mach...

November 22, 2019

Recently I was approached to provide an article for a magazine to be produced for a major coin exhibition in Pune India.

We do not, in general, provide such articles however peer pressure and the advice that certain safeguards would be in place to ensure proper publicat...

November 13, 2019

One of the rare accorded pleasures of life is being able to discuss various matters at the highest level. I am personally blessed with having as a lawn bowls partner Emeritus Professor John De Jersey AM with whom wide ranging discussions are held on research theories,...

November 7, 2019


By Arthur Needham

The original theory placed by co-author Mohammed Tariq Ansari of placing colour overlays on coin inscriptions to demonstrate what was being inscribed on the coins phrase for phrase. This was...

November 3, 2019

Sitting and watching the time slip a further three weeks out on this project is not a pleasant thing BUT at least now we can be absolutely certain that things are perfect.

October 30, 2019

General republishing of some previous narratives but with a narrative added on coins (hand struck) in the market place of greater India.

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