October 23, 2019

Soft launch of our not for profit education foundation.

October 5, 2019

Thank you Mikkel from Denmark for ordering our two books.

We understand that it is, at times, difficult to find bookstores that stock our books in certain countries.

With the help of our publisher we are able to arrange direct supply for any orders received direct to us.


October 2, 2019

Looking at a few auctions recently of Mughal and Sultanate coins and was surprised to see coins that can be fully attributed are being offered at the same estimate as similar coins that cannot be fully attributed.


This is nothing more than degrading the worth...

September 12, 2019

The link takes you to the new home for our latest videos.

September 11, 2019

Demonstrating our artwork including translations.

August 30, 2019


August 30, 2019

I am pleased to announce following the commercialization through a technical partner of certain investigative processes that a release for private analytical work has been granted from September 1, 2019.

This will allow for in the future the c...

August 28, 2019

The latest in our new series of videos.

This video challenges the current ideas on which coin to buy and concentrates on advising that coins that show the complete die or at least clearly show all the features the die was meant to show are superior to collect than those...

August 25, 2019

Recently we helped our young researchers by purchasing a USB microscope for them.

Just a few early photographs as the learning curve starts.

August 23, 2019

New video introducing our community project and general discussions.

August 17, 2019

With more activity starting now we have some new sites for our videos and talk shows.

Talk Show:


These will be supporting our upcoming new initiatives.

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