However we have been told that it is a little different to have a writing team separated by thousands of miles and that team had produced a working manuscript demonstrating an exciting new method of introducing Indian numismatics to the world.

Not only that the team of Tariq and Needham had "met" incidentally through a website concentrating on numismatics where they both had an interest and expertise in Indian coinage and some of the languages present on those coins. In fact they had not even met face to face until a day or two before signing the publishing contract with Manohar Publishers of Delhi.

What had happened is that a desire to present a new method in demonstrating and understanding numismatics and numismatic script including new translations of their true meanings sprang into being. The drive was such and the ideas so new that self publishing was the first step to ensure that the ideas could actually be printed in the methods needed to bring the idea to fruition.

It was after a trial printing or two had been attempted and the vision could be adequately reproduced by demonstration that Mohammed Tariq Ansari had a chance meeting in Delhi with Ramesh Jain of Manohar. He liked what he saw. The rest is history.

The writing team continues. 

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