Collecting the BEST Mughal Coins

There is always a great debate on which coins are the best to collect. For those who believe that the best coins to collect should be graded ones in their pretty little holders perhaps there is time to rethink this. Yes they often look nice and shiny (hmmm) and appear blemish free. It seems that they do not grade coins that contain "Shroff marks" (those punch marks testing to see if they are all silver) or "banker's marks" ( those little patterns stamped on the coins).

However they do grade pretty coins that cannot be fully attributed. This rather strange of course because if a coin cannot be fully attributed how can it really be graded at all?

There are many steps to fully and correctly attributing Mughal coins. Our books carefully show each mint by ruler and variations to collect. There is the thrill in collecting all available true variations. Not only this there is a thrill in collecting something that is not listed. this can be a date combination not yet attributed or a mint found for the first time or a couplet not seen before. There are many things that need to be checked carefully.

There is a sadness that many Indian hand struck coins have not been carefully enough researched to open up the doors for true collectors fully. It is time to do this.

As we publish our books for Mughal and other coins there will be avenues available for collectors to advise us of new findings so that we may ensure that the new editions when published are completely up to date. New notifications when fully checked will receive certificates of appreciation from us. Yes it is really important.

Please check the video attached and look at the coin. Like many hand struck coins some of the details are not all on the coin flan however this particular coin can be fully attributed. The attribution features are clearly shown by our unique method of coin attribution demonstration and coding. ALL the attribution features are present and that is what SHOULD be collected.

Time for the pretty SHOW coins that cannot be completely attributed to be consigned to the curiosity box and FULLY attributed coins should be the most sought after and valuable.

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