It's Been a While or The Agonies and Triumphs of Research

There has been a long hiatus here but it is not from doing nothing. In fact it has been just the opposite.

The next book on the coins of Aurangzeb is large to say the least. As researchers it has ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in between.

Our first two books were on rulers who had relatively short reigns. This reign cover 51 Regnal Years and some wonderful changes in design within some mints. However in even the best research resources errors have appeared to creep in. So when compiling the known data we had many conflicts from normally reliable resources. So it was simply necessary to restart. By this it meant not only looking at these resources but individually checking thousands of coins, step by step.

And at each step recording and placing in sequence. So after many months, a trip to India (where I contracted one of those dreaded stomach bugs for the first time) and earnest studies on many things the final compilation has begun. This will take time of course but the critical work has been completed. There will be the same brilliant illustrations designed by Mohammed Tariq. There will be the same extensive recording of types down to the smallest practical detail and this will have a newly designed layout because of the length of the reign and the long series of coins issued by some mints.

There will be mapping of course to follow type and style. The march of Aurangzeb south can be followed as new mints start to issue coins for the first time.

For the collector the coins of Aurangzeb, gold silver and copper, offer a vast array of mints, and types within mints. They cover just about every budget and offer the chance of new discoveries at almost every turn.

There has been a fundamental failure in this section of numismatics to carefully look at changes and this has had, in our view, a negative effect on collecting these coins. The long promised look at what to collect (and why) in these coins is now starting to be formulated. We have always maintained that information on these coins is more important than "prettiness".

For our highly dedicated collectors there will be sections of grading and storage.

Our artwork, the illustrations in our books, has been in some demand. To fulfil the stringent requirements of museums and serious collectors we have worked with Hahnemuhle of Germany to ensure the paper is of the highest museum standard quality and the reproduction (limited editions for our work) is produced with inks of the highest conservation quality. Private works for the coins of Shah Alam I and Jahandar Shah are also being undertaken. These works are protected by the full art registration system, documented and with an encoded number for authenticity.

Expect to hear more from us soon.

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