Colour Coding of Inscriptions: The Entwined Link

In the video on the previous blog it described how Tariq and I started working together as a team.

The was a shared vision that was highly important in introducing any new work in a formal manner.

There is link between the new coding system, the coinage and the colour coding. Just drawing a few colours across the inscriptions on a coin might look okay however this must be carefully followed through with not only each and every ruler but for each coin issuing group across literally 2000 years or more.

The simplified system developed for the actual alpha numeric coding describes.

1. Ruler by number within a coin issuing series.

2. Mint number. Throughout the great sub continent there were hundreds of mints and to confuse things possibly even more some cities changed names. These names and numbers are linked in our work so that specialised collectors can follow not only rulers but also mints.

3. Coin type by actual type. This is a close examination of type by inscription and by change on the obverse and reverse. This is for true collectors and aficionados who like to collect not only by ruler or mint but for type within mint. The coinage of the sub continent was, in general, extremely well planned and produced. For many the problem is the inscriptions which appear somewhat unintelligible and the lack of portraits etc. In general Muslim coins for example do not carry portraits. Therefore colour coding across all coin issuers using the same colours for the same information greatly assists in understanding. The colour coding can be used for all languages of course.

4. The size code. The actual code relates to the coin type, metal and size.

5. The abbreviated number. This is for quick reference for auctions etc.

So within the varies series of the subcontinent we have a complete cross referencing system not only for collecting but for other research. Colour is one part of a highly integrated system

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