Wow! What a wonderful year.

Well perhaps with the hard slog of fundamental research it can get awfully boring but looking at what has been produced and ready to be produced the team has put in a remarkable effort.

All the more so because the market for our books has shifted from almost entirely in India to Europe and North America. Our publisher does not have the greatest distribution process outside India made specific arrangements have been made for our books and this has been remarkable in its success.

However with these new sophisticated markets there comes a greater responsibility to perform at even higher levels. Many requests have been made to guide both old and new collectors through the Mughal and Sultanate coin series. So we will start by adding new items to a special members section early in the new year.

Many requests have been made for closer cooperation in upcoming works. So we will start adding sections of new books step by step including research from our upcoming books and introducing the primary basics in our research, step by step. Why we do it, how we do it, what the coding means and also discussing what we believe are the best coins to collect. Coupled with this will be a regular podcast featuring discussions from around the world, interviews, auction notes and even some new music from friends in LA.

The Indian selling market place needs to understand what a real marketplace actually does. The internecine warfare that happens frequently and the faction building resulting from this is harmful to both the marketplace and research. Good people are victims of attacks that are often baseless and trying to prove the facts becomes mired in hyperbole and lies. So we are removing ourselves from these endless, circular areas of negativity. Almost all of these are not helping collecting in the Indian marketplace or numismatic research. I would point out to major Indian dealers that perhaps it is time to swallow your individual pride and join in a mutual society to boost knowledge and as a necessity for self protection as anything else. It is noted that a large number of American major coin have formed an association for cooperation and internal trading. This group, CDHCD, is leading the way in cooperative marketing, cooperation and orderly presentation of the coin collecting as both an hobby and an investment. It strengthens bonds between dealers thus protecting the industry and assists buyers in finding the right stock item they are looking for. At this time it is a great model for others to follow. Many buyers are totally sick and tired of the perpetual infighting and denigration of major sellers in the Indian market especially.

In our research on Aurangzeb that is rapidly coming to a close who have isolated one new mint in the last week and a new style within a major mint. Many great things left to discover in Indian numismatics.

We have spoken for some time about our artwork. Considerable research was undertaken with a major archival paper manufacturer and test printings with archival ink were completed. Unfortunately soon awards copies on printer copy paper appeared. So we further developed the system in conjunction with a rather avant-garde process and at least the manufacturer is prepared to back the product against copying. The artwork will come ready to hang so that it is a complete article in itself.

Noting the copying in an inferior manner of much of our work time was spent last week in briefing an international copyright protection lawyer. Confirmation has been received on our rights to the colour schemes and working arrangements as well as the production of art and similar products. We are excited to be working with this group to protect our unique contributions.

This has really been our breakout year. 2019 is shaping up as the most exciting yet. Come with us and explore. We are also looking forward to your help to ensure the highest accuracy for our work. We know there are many hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered.

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