Learning to Decipher the Copper Coins of Akbar Part V: Tanka, Tanki and Jital

Late in the reign of Akbar the Great during the Ilahi years three new types of were introduced.

1. Tanka

2. Tanki

3. Jital

In Part I of this series (Welcome to the World of the Copper Coins of Akbar) we introduced the metrology of the coins. It can be seen from that that the Tanki series departed from the 'standard" weight series. The full Tanka was double in weight to the old dam (Falus) and its dividers (coins smaller than a full Tanka) were in the usual series of halves and quarters etc.

These coins have the rulers name inscribed on them so we have with the Tanka series:



Tanka Akbar Shahi

Akbar Shahi (Emperor Akbar) is shown in red. So we have a Tanka of the Emperor Akbar.

Neem (Nim)

Neem (Nim) means half. So technically this is half the weight of a full Tanka.

Chaharam Hissa Tanka

One quarter Tanka

Hahtum Hissa Tanka

One eighth Tanka

Shaharam Hissa Tanka

One sixteenth Tanka

Please note that there is a one thirty-second Tanka. This will be illustrated at another time.


Tanki (Version I)

Tanki (Version II)

Yak (one)

Note: Because a black and white image was used a thin pink line was drawn over the word to highlight it better.

Do (Two)

Cho (Four)



In our next part we will review the progress so far and give some coin examples to be worked on as some form of "homework". We will also discuss the equipment needed to start collecting. Then we will move on to some more obscure coins.

Soon we will start on the missing link for our collectors, the mints. For this exercise we will expand our work with a chat board so we can work through what we have in our attribution records.

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