Learning to Decipher the Copper Coins of Akbar Part VIII: The Mints and Various Notes

Entered below is a list of mints for Akbar I (The Great). The is preliminary only. There can be some conjecture about the spelling of some of the mints and the list is by no means exhaustive. There are coins obvously from this era that remain "undeciphered" as to the mint.

Next to the mint list is the mint coding. Some remain without codes while the finer details of each are checked step by step.

Urdu Zafir Qarin

From here we will move to the new interactive chat board when it is started.


This will we add to the new chat board but when substantially completed it will have a separate section of its own. The new translations of the coin inscriptions are done with due technical care and in sympathy with the correct feelings (mainly religious) of the times.

Other Notes on the Coin Inscriptions

It is part of Islam that images of the coin issuers do not appear on the coins. From time to time the die engraver will show symbols or decorations which, in general, are space "fillers". There are a number of subliminal meanings shown on a some of the coins and this is true for the coins issued across Islamic lands. Extensive discussions and various correspondences have taken place to help to review and if necessary reclassify the meanings. The circle, the square, the Seal of Solomon and other designs hold specific meanings and in general these meanings have not been explored or fully explained especially in numismatics. When it is necessary each of these items will be fully explained drawing upon our technical research that has taken place over the last five years.

From here much of our work will now take place on a new site on our webpage. A link will be provided later.

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