The Coinex Pune Article

Recently I was approached to provide an article for a magazine to be produced for a major coin exhibition in Pune India.

We do not, in general, provide such articles however peer pressure and the advice that certain safeguards would be in place to ensure proper publication were accepted. This was a pipedream of course. From advice received it appears that all other presented articles were published in full. My article received a couple of pages instead of the 25 or so that were presented. The result was that a nothingness with names beside it made it to print.

If the editor was true to his word and had shown me what they were going to publish it would have been immediately withdrawn. Efforts to find a compromise have failed. I had offered to arrange for the publication to be presented as a e publication with my article in full but that was rejected. The reasons given were totally unsound.

It was nice to be recognised as a helper for one or two other articles published in the magazine.

This situation again demonstrates why many researchers refuse to place articles in the hands of numismatic "editors". Many items have been butchered by editors, remain unpublished or appear under another name elsewhere, promises of further publishing reneged on etc. Research is not the province of a chosen few who toe traditional lines and it certainly is not the province of stealers of the work of others.

The article in full as originally presented is attached below. It was originally formulated for members of our team so they could understand a number of standard practices.

The essence of the paper can be viewed here

It is titled Mughal Mint Review.

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