Some New Additions Coming to the Website

In the next few weeks we have a some additions coming to our website. these will be be new sections:

1. Celebrating new coin types not listed in our books.

Two pages, one for Jahandar Shah and one for Shah Alam I Bahadur. Maybe some new types have recently been discovered by astute collectors. These need to be celebrated by all and it just goes to show that new discoveries are possible.

It is time to celebrate these new discoveries. Note: We have a series of manuscripts in preparation for a number of rulers. Now is the time to check your coins. If huge celebrations are held when some minute difference is found on a die of British India coins it is way overdue for celebrations to be held over new finds in other coins.

2. Position papers: A new page.

Recently we have added a number of "position" papers to our site here. These cover such things as what coin to buy, coin metrology, a discussion on Indian coin mints and the market place in India over the course of history etc. and shortly a discussion on coin grading. These will be combined into an e-book type presentation as well for easy access and study. It is time to celebrate what a great, organised and orderly community that the sub continent has been for thousands of years. Time to cast off the cloak of pseudo British disdain for anything not British or British designed and enjoy the brilliance of the sub continent for it what it was before colonial times. Numismatics is connected to history, economics, metallurgy and commerce. Time to start genuinely relating it fully. For those who denigrate this integration it is time for you to understand the reality.

3. The short histories by friend and colleague Dr Shashank Sinha.

Very rarely do modern history writers present history as succinctly and brilliantly as Dr Sinha. We are privileged to be able to give links to his various short histories. These are no fuss, all fact and fully researched items of interest that, at times, are presented in a controversial light by uninformed writers. For those who wish to research REAL history, these items are a must.

4. Open research page.

A page to post work they believe is important for numismatics.

Time to celebrate and explore the greater sub continent before colonial interference and denigration.

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