In recent times there have been major discussions on the necessity, or otherwise, of grading hand struck coins. Although we work essentially in the sub-continent it has been necessary to issue from Inumismatics a position paper on the subject for all hand struck coins.

The ideas in the paper have been termed by some as radical. However for the sake of completeness it has been necessary to take a view that a coin that cannot be fully and clearly attributed cannot and should not hold the same price as a coin, in any condition, that can be FULLY attributed.

For many hand struck coins the dies are bigger than the coin flan and therefore on many coins important attribution sections may be missing. As we are really discussing history and completeness it is time that those who market hand struck coins and more importantly those who purchase hand struck finally understand the significance of a FULLY ATTRIBUTTED strike.

For hand struck coins prettiness is meaningless unless the FULL attribution is available to be clearly seen and understood. The corollary to the theorem is simple. If it can't be fully attributed no matter what the condition of the coin then it SHOULD be worth less than any coin that can be fully attributed.

The paper titled Grading of Hand Struck Coins as are various other research narratives.

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