Welcome New Members and Thank You Coin Zip

Firstly the team at Inumismatics welcomes new members who have joined recently. It is great to see more people joining officially not just visiting from time to time. Our visitor numbers have also have had a surge in recent weeks.

The large American based coins site www.coinzip.com has published our last article that can be seen in our Tech Advices section (click menu tab) on hand struck coins and produced a YouTube video on it.


We will be providing more videos based on some of our papers and narratives to assist in explaining the reality of coin issues in ancient and medieval times especially in the sub continent. For too long historians, researchers and collectors have had a view of the real market place in this times as being chaotic, thief ridden and dens of inequity. For most part this was far from the truth but of course makes for wonderful film scripts and books of fiction.

For collectors, both old and new, we will provide a basis for understanding the reality of the situation. An orderly market place with orderly people getting on with life.

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