Coins in the Marketplace: Video Part I

In recent times we have produced a number of narratives discussing how coins were used in the marketplace from villages to major cities throughout history from when coinage began.

Many requests have been made to produce these as a simple video series and we are starting this now.

The marketplaces in the greater subcontinent were highly organised and the use of coins was highly regulated and understood at all levels. With various levels of banking services available inter regional trade was also fully facilitated.

In introducing coinage as one part of the marketplace metrology (the study of weights and measures) we will walk through the whole process step by step.

Suggestions that there were fundamental flaws within the marketplace as presented frequently by British observers from the 18th century onwards have diverted the attention of many researchers away from the reality of what happened into long theoretical discussions on metrology which, although beautifully constructed and argued on many occasions, have diverted attention from the what was in reality a stable and highly organised set of circumstances.

As our research (along with that of our cooperating researchers) expands in time and place it is necessary for us to explain the fundamental drivers at this time. So the presentations are essentially marx ist in nature, that is we describe what happens to the ordinary people in essence, it is reality that we share.

Click on the photograph above to watch the video or go to our VLOG page for all our videos. It is video is VLOG 8.

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