Coins in the Marketplace: Video Part II

Part II of our continuing presentation that describes the use of coins in the marketplace. Although it is primarily based in the subcontinent much of the information is application to most places in the world during the time of hand struck coin.

Fundamentally this discusses the metrology of coins and their use within the common market place. That is to say how they were used in everyday trade. Much of the current discussions seems to assume that the marketplace was unsophisticated when in fact it was highly organised and controlled.

The approach is fundamentally marx ist in its theory in that it looks at the individual and their use of coins while discussing how coins could be produced and how the metal content and weight could be manipulated at any time by production techniques. There is also a discussion on the necessity to expand the use of non invasive XRF testing under full quality control methodology to fully understand coin metrology.

Click on the photograph above to watch the video or go to our VLOG page for all our videos. It is video is VLOG 9.

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