THAT MAGIC COIN! REALLY! If it is too good to be true it probably should be avoided.

A true story follows.

Very recently I was approached by a dear friend in the coin world. A friend of a friend of a friend (you get the drift here) had asked him about a great coin. Well it looked like a great coin.

It was certainly well out of their area of expertise and to be honest it is a very years since I played in that area so I asked an expert. The photograph was shown. Rule one never make your mind up on an expensive on the weight and the photograph unless the source is absolutely first class.

So the price paid was around $7000 US, cheap for some but for most out of the question. So the owner of this "prize" now wanted to cash in BIG. The coin was only known in another metal so a prize for sure. So the expert was as usual very nice but added the genuine comment "I don't buy unless I see the coin in hand." Safe words indeed and even safer because the coin was not offered through me it was only advice I sought on my suggested course of action.

My course of action was for the proud new owner was to send it for full authenticity appraisal and slabbing (how I hate slabbing hand struck coins) and then the world was wide and given what it MIGHT have been the dollars would surely flow.

The proud new owner had done some research (wrong research) and found that a coin from that reign had indeed sold for a large sum of money. But of course it was not the same attribution but to the new owner the dollar signs lit up.

In the meantime, unbeknown to the chosen cartel who were "advising" him the new owner had decided to get something like 20 other opinions. The next thing was the coin appeared on the internet (Facebook) with a credible expert calling it a "horrible fake".

Make your own mind up about the process but I will certainly not be offering my assistance to people who want help anymore, friend or no friend. I have personally involved an expert in a process when under a assumption of acting in good faith. The was good faith on my part and my friend who asked me to help but certainly none on the new owners part who wanted help.

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