There has been a necessary hiatus between the second book in our long series on The Coins of India and our third book "Coins of the Jaunpur Sultanat".

Much technical research has been completed on a range of topics and this will form the basis of new sections in all of our future work. We had received many requests from collectors and institutions to include certain background data on numismatics in our future work and we are pleased to advice that some of the world's leading experts have prepared data for us to publish.

This shows the great and widespread interest in our research methodology and our illustration technique.

The last 5% of any book is the hardest but we are getting there. Other manuscripts are being prepared. The time taken in adjunct research means it only has to be done once and it can be included in all future books.

Thank you to our wonderful technical partners for your help, advice and assistance.

Tariq and our esteemed publisher Mr Ramesh Jain discussing our next manuscript.

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